US hegemony, the patient public beast, and a man of integrity, style, and purpose

For the first time in decades we have a man willing to take on the US hegemony. And he does it with integrity, style, and purpose.

Why does the media refer to Sanders’ “shock victories,” when it’s clear that the people love him for his unprecedented appeal to their requirements of a leader.

Noam Chomsky has said that what was normal politics in previous decades, as seen in Sanders today, has become “radical”.

Why? Because the media is onside with the vast power network that increasingly and incrementally has come to ride on the back of the patient and trusting public beast.

The beast is waking up to a new leader, who, by media standards, must be seen as “shocking”.

As one who grew up trusting the media, I’m frankly disappointed.

Election Year, and the Regrettable Moral Compass of the US “mainstream” Media

Until the general United States public becomes educated about, and catches up with, the Nordic countries, France, Canada, and others, regarding a good solid safety net of health and social programs, the US underprivileged will vote in ignorance…

Elizabeth Woodworth

Writer, researcher and retired health sciences librarian. Advocates urgent climate action for worldwide and inter-generational justice.

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